Colin Cowherd Reveals What Tom Brady Will Do In 2020

Colin Cowherd Reveals What Tom Brady Will Do In 2020

Colin Cowherd Reveals What Tom Brady Will Do In 2020

Colin Cowherd revealed what Tom Brady will do in 2020 during his radio show this week.

The bombastic sports talk host took a deep dive into Brady’s options for next season and insisted that the Hall of Famer’s options are limited.

In Cowherd’s mind, there is a relatively easy choice for Brady to make – and the right decision is returning to New England.

On Wednesday, Cowherd noted that there is no easier option for Brady than coming back for another season with the team that drafted him into the NFL.

“There’s only three teams Brady is gonna play for,” he said.

“He’s either gonna stay in New England, and the other two that even make sense are the Colts and the Chargers.”

While Cowherd acknowledges that Los Angeles and Indianapolis are contenders for Brady’s services, he sees serious flaws with each of those organizations.

In the case of the Chargers, Cowherd suggests that Brady would step into a situation where there are legitimate problems with the offensive line, coaching and poor financial decisions.

In the case of the Colts, Cowherd believes that Indianapolis is simply not glitzy enough for the lifestyle Brady and his wife have come to enjoy. That said, he does admit that the Colts would provide a pretty ideal situation from a football perspective.

Overall, Cowherd seemed pretty confident that Brady would simply rejoin the Patriots for one more season and make another run at the title with Bill Belichick.

New England was ravaged by injuries this past year and many attribute the team’s underwhelming campaign to that. If fully healthy, the idea is that they could once again challenge for a Super Bowl as presently constructed.

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  1. Come on I’m from NE and this is why I don’t like this team. What am I talking about here it is>>>fan and media just can’t admit they lost to a better team always have an excuse to why they Los. HOW ABOUT THEY JUST LOST TO A BETTER TEAM!!! And I am in no way saying the PATRIOTS are a bad team but they had their time and can’t win forever. Every team goes thru this it’s time for NE fans to look in the mirror and see the reality. And no the Titans is not the team I follow just a true sports fan.

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