Colby Covington Issues Warning To Lakers Star LeBron James

Colby Covington Issues Warning To Lakers Star LeBron James

UFC welterweight Colby Covington issued a warning to Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James this past week.

That warning: I’ll do to you what Jake Paul did to Nate Robinson – except much faster.

“Heard they finally scraped [Robinson’s] carcass off the [Staples Center] floor,” he tweeted.

“I’d make [James] eat the canvas in half the amount of time. Everyone knows current NBA players are the softest and most privileged athletes on the planet.”

On Saturday night Paul and Robinson squared off on the undercard of Mike Tyson’s bout versus Roy Jones Jr. Paul ended up embarrassing Robinson, knocking the former NBA player out in the second round.

Clearly Covington believes that he would be able to destroy James in similar fashion, but fan reaction was mixed.

Covington and James have been engaged in something of a feud over the past year. It all started this September when Covington called James out following a big win over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

“I want to dedicate this fight to all the first responders, all the military out there,” Covington said at the time.

“This world would not be safe without you guys, you keep us safe, and not these woke athletes. I’m sick of these spineless cowards like LeBron James.”

Several NBA players, including Kevin Durant, responded to Covington’s statement. Some days later, James teed off on his haters in general when he said that, “Anybody can talk from outside. But if they got into the ring or they got into the arena, probably 10 times out of 10, they’d s— their pants.” Many perceived that to be a shot at Covington, though it was never officially confirmed.

Covington then took things to another level by mocking the rumors involving James’ mother and troubled former NBA player Delonte West. James did not take the bait, and the feud eventually simmered out.

This week, Covington re-ignited things with his warning to James.

The root of the pair’s feud seems to be politics. Covington is a huge supporter of President Donald Trump and campaigned for him on multiple occasions heading into the 2020 Presidential Election. James, meanwhile, was an ardent fan of President-elect Joe Biden. He even went so far as to helping pay $27 million to ensure that felons would be able to vote in hopes of tipping the balance of the race.

Some thought that the end of the 2020 Presidential Election would mark the end of the Covington-James feud, but with this most recent call out, clearly that is not the case.

Will James ultimately respond to Covington?

Time will tell.

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