Kevin Durant Clowns Colby Covington For LeBron James Call Out

Kevin Durant Clowns Colby Covington For LeBron James Call Out

This weekend UFC fighter Colby Covington made headlines following a victory over Tyron Woodley.

With the eyes of the sports world on him, Covington went on a long rant during which he referred to Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James as a “spineless coward.”

After the fact, numerous NBA stars came out and publicly clowned Covington for calling out arguably the best player in the league.

Kevin Durant Clowns Colby Covington For LeBron James Call Out 1 Kevin Durant Clowns Colby Covington For LeBron James Call Out 2

“Who’s this again?” Kevin Durant asked on Instagram, dismissing the former interim welterweight champ as a nobody.

Michael Carter-Williams followed suit.

“Weird how nobody tells him to stick to fighting,” he said.

“That jaw still cracked from Usman I see.”

Carter-Williams was of course referencing Covington’s memorable defeat at the hands of current welterweight champ, Kamaru Usman.

Austin Rivers’ response to Covington was short and sweet: “Why tho?”

Regardless of the fallout, Covington’s post-fight monologue certainly made an impression.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the silent majority is ready to make some noise,” Covington said on Saturday night.

“If you thought that was a beating, wait until November 3 when Donald Trump gets his hands on sleepy Joe [Biden]. That’s going to be a landslide.”

At that point, Covington stepped things up a notch.

“I want to dedicate this fight to all the first responders, all the military out there,” he said.

“This world would not be safe without you guys, you keep us safe.”

And that is when talk turned to James.

“Not these athletes, man,” Covington continued.

“I’m sick of these woke athletes and these spineless cowards like LeBron James. And speaking of spineless cowards, Marty Fake Newsman, Street Judas, we got unfinished business.

“There’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide. I’m coming for you, you’re next!”

If Covington’s intention with his speech was to get the attention of NBA players far and wide – he can consider that mission accomplished.

What he will do with his newfound fame remains to be seen, though.

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