Clippers Star Kawhi Leonard’s Controversial Encounter With Fan (Photos)

Clippers Star Kawhi Leonard’s Controversial Encounter With Fan (Photos)

Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard allegedly had something of a controversial encounter with a fan recently.

By now, everyone knows the deal with Leonard – he tends to keep to himself.

Aside from maybe one instance when some female fans were sitting courtside and found a way to get Leonard’s attention, he doesn’t really interact with folks too much.

That habit led to an unfortunate situation recently when a fan seemingly called him out for not giving him an autograph.

Now, to be clear — just because someone online says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Maybe the photos don’t actually depict what occurred. Maybe the fan is lying. Maybe the fan stole the photos from someone else and tried to tell a different story with them.

Nevertheless, the NBA fan community is a very vocal one. They rarely bite their tongues. Because of that, folks flocked to social media to react.

Big picture, this particular incident notwithstanding, Leonard has had a busy last few weeks. Between partying it up at a teammate’s wedding and his wild boat party photos, it feels like he has been in the headlines nonstop.

It will be interesting to see how this summer ultimately influences his season in 2023.

Obviously from a talent perspective Leonard is one of the best to ever do it. But his inability to stay healthy has really dampened his reputation in recent years.

Will the 2023-24 season mark one where Leonard bounces back, gives fans what they’ve been looking for and leads the Clippers to something remotely resembling title contention? Time will tell.

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