Christian Wood Reacts to Mavs Coach Jason Kidd’s Odd Decision

Christian Wood Reacts to Mavs Coach Jason Kidd’s Odd Decision

The Dallas Mavericks should have emerged from their season opener against the Phoenix Suns with a victory.

For most of the outing, they were clearly the superior team.

Unfortunately for the Mavericks, that didn’t stop them from choking away a 22-point lead en route to a 107-105 loss.

A number of factors contributed to Dallas’ humiliating defeat, but one in particular was head coach Jason Kidd’s decision to take Christian Wood out of the game.

Wood scored 16 consecutive points at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth quarters, but apparently that didn’t earn him any goodwill from Kidd.

While the Mavericks clearly could have used Wood’s scoring punch when Devin Booker and Damion Lee were going off in the fourth, he was nowhere to be found.

After the game, Wood offered his blunt assessment of his head coach’s bizarre decision to remove him from the game at the worst possible time.

“I’m just happy to be a part of this team,” he said postgame.

“Late in games, it’s just a trust thing. I have to build the trust with this team. I’m on a new team. Once I do that, I think we’ll be good.”

While Wood’s professionalism is great, it doesn’t make Kidd’s move any less odd.

Obviously Kidd’s decision-making process has elicited some strong reactions from Luka Doncic. And it’s never a great sign when even your own son hates you and exposes you online.

That said, Kidd’s innate ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory was stunning to watch this week.

The Mavs have all the talent necessary to do damage in the West this year. That much is clear.

But will Kidd’s games ultimately cost them the way they did Wednesday night?

Time will tell.

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