Mavericks Coach Jason Kidd Gets Exposed By Son (Photos)

Mavericks Coach Jason Kidd Gets Exposed By Son (Photos)

The Dallas Mavericks hired Jason Kidd to serve as the team’s new head coach last month. While some heralded the move as a good one, others maintained that a mistake had been made.

Although the jury is still out on this hiring as a basketball decision, from a PR standpoint, the Kidd pick-up hasn’t been ideal.

This week, Kidd’s son T.J. went on Instagram and made a lengthy post describing the truth about his father. It was very reminiscent of when Dwight Howard’s 12-year-old son exposed him in similar fashion.

T.J.’s message largely speaks for itself:

Mavericks Coach Jason Kidd Gets Exposed By Son (Photos) 1

T.J. then finished his post off with this message:

“This happens a lot,” he wrote. “So today I have the time.. So… (*Cracks knuckles) To answer this question for those of you that had any doubt whatsoever. He is I. I is he. The little kid y’all made fun of for having the big head and mustache at 5 at all those NBA games (Yeah I saw it) Never understood it. Think it’s hilarious now. I’m well aware of my fathers many basketball accomplishments, shoes, trading cards and what ever else you feel the need to tag me in.

“I’d appreciate it greatly if y’all would STOP tagging me in stuff that has to do with him (He’s on IG now so TAG HIM). I honestly don’t mind talking basketball or whatever at all.. But stupid crap like this will no longer be tolerated by this page.. You can refer to a previous post of mine if your looking for an explanation. Which isn’t owed. AT ALL. But for some reason I have to keep repeating myself.. I’d like to be remembered for being more than a prop to someone who saw me as nothing more than just that. A prop..

“Unfortunately until I do something remarkable outside of who I’m related to (working on that), I unfortunately have to carry this label with me until then. So I think I can be sick and tired of being sick and tired as I see fit. It took me a long time to figure out that I don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations for me. What anyone else thinks of you is irrelevant. Prioritize your mental /physical health, treat people how you would like to be treated,” he continued.

“Treat people with kindness and expect nothing in return. If you feel anxiety, depression, sad. That’s ok, but don’t sit in it. Sit in it and nothing will ever be resolved. Everything you feel is VALID. Every person on this planet has a right to be an individual and there own person. Imma go ahead and do that now… There’s always fond memories of the past. We can’t forget to live for today and the future.

“Slow it down if you have to. Do things the right way and watch what you can accomplish. There’s such freedom in being yourself and doing your own things. They don’t have to make sense to anyone but you. Dream big. Work hard and be the kindest person in the room and never look back.”

Again, this isn’t the first time an NBA-related personality has gotten exposed in this fashion for being a bad parent. It’s definitely not going to be the last. But that doesn’t make it any less troubling.

Will Kidd ultimately address his relationship with his son at some point? Time will tell.

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