Celtics Legend Gets Brutally Honest About Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown

Celtics Legend Gets Brutally Honest About Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown

The Boston Celtics are 19-21 on the year, good for tenth place in the Eastern Conference.

It’s a far cry from where most imagined this group when the season first began.

Boston’s chemistry issues have been well documented by this point. Stars hate each other. Role players hate stars. It’s a mess. There’s a reason why there is so much talk of just blowing the whole roster up this summer.

But the problem doesn’t end with player relationships. There is also something very real lacking on the roster right now.

During a recent conversation with Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe, franchise legend Bob Cousy revealed that this Celtics group is far away from being able to contend for a title.

“They should be a lot better than they are,” he said.

“It doesn’t look like we’re going to be hanging banner No. 18 any time soon.”

Specifically, Cousy believes this squad will b unable to move forward without a proper point guard.

“I hate to bring it back to a point guard but … you don’t have that control,” he continued.

“When we got a lead of 6-8 points, that was when I would take it home. I just would not allow us to lose the lead.”

Not that Cousy misses the Celtics’ last big-name point guard all that much.

“They had one in Kyrie [Irving], but he was a head case. They potentially had one in Kemba [Walker], although Kemba was a shooting guard more than a point guard,” Cousy noted. “You need a penetrating point guard at that point who is a threat and then he passes off to the Tatums and the Browns.”

In recent weeks the Celtics have been linked to an interesting potential trade. If it materializes, maybe it will pump some life into this roster.

But if it doesn’t, and if everyone keeps going the way they have – expect another disappointing season in Boston.

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