Cam Newton Time Travel Photos Go Viral

Cam Newton Time Travel Photos Go Viral

Cam Newton signed a one-year, $14 million contract with the New England Patriots this past week. The 31-year-old will earn $5.1 million just for staying healthy and active, $6.6 million if he starts the entire year and $8.6 million if he starts and the Patriots earn a playoff spot.

While the fact that Newton will return to New England is interesting, that’s not what stole the show over the weekend.

Nor is it the fact that he is doing so on an extremely team-friendly deal.

Rather, what everyone can’t stop talking about is whether or not Newton is some sort of wizard or time traveler.

On Sunday, a photo went viral on Twitter showing someone who looks a whole lot like Newton touring with music legend James Brown in the 60s.

Reactions were swift.

Last year Newton recorded eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions through the air, plus 592 yards and 12 touchdowns on the ground. It got so bad at one point that opposing teams were openly ridiculing the Patriots.

If he is a time traveler, maybe Newton can try going back to his MVP campaign with the Carolina Panthers, bottle up some of what made him so good, and transport it into present day.

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