Caleb Williams’ Poor Performance At Pro Day Raises 2024 NFL Draft Questions

Caleb Williams’ Poor Performance At Pro Day Raises 2024 NFL Draft Questions

Caleb Williams’ highly-anticipated Pro Day came and went this week, and it left observers extremely underwhelmed.

For most of the past few months, the expectation has been that the Chicago Bears would select Williams with the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Now a bit of doubt is beginning to emerge.

“It was an underwhelming performance throwing the football, but it was geared towards the naysayers,” ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky said this week.

“He wanted to kind of almost have a governor on him and not have much flash because his tape is so flashy. I did like the fact that Louis [Riddick] said watching how he walked around and handled himself was impressive.”

It is worth remembering, Orlovsky has long been a proponent of the Bears using their top overall pick on LSU star, Jayden Daniels.

Two contradicting ideas have emerged over the last month and change.

The first is that Chicago is doing everything imaginable to provide Williams with the best possible situation, starting with acquiring Keenan Allen and ending with trading away Justin Fields.

The second is that there are serious issues involving Williams’ poor attitude and bizarre sense of entitlement. All of that, coupled with his underperformance during his Pro Day and the awful year USC had, could make for a perfect situation where Daniels leapfrogs him.

Only one of these things can be true, but an answer won’t reveal itself until the 2024 NFL Draft comes and goes on April 25.

Williams is a talented player, but is he good enough to save the Bears? Or is Daniels the safer bet? An answer one way or another will present itself next month.

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