Caitlin Clark Responds To LSU Coach Kim Mulkey’s Insult

Caitlin Clark Responds To LSU Coach Kim Mulkey’s Insult

Caitlin Clark has been one of the most electrifying players in all of college basketball this year, but LSU coach Kim Mulkey doesn’t appear to be a fan.

Last week, Mulkey took a pretty clear shot at Clark following the Tigers’ notable win over Texas A&M.

“We don’t have any players shooting 40 times a game like you see around the country,” she remarked. “That’s not us.”

It didn’t take folks long to read between the lines there.

It wasn’t lost on folks that Mulkey would be better served cleaning up her own shop before taking shots at others. After all, just in the last few months alone the Tigers have had to deal with issues as large as a ton of team infighting and as small as one of the star players have a mysterious something on her lip.

This week, Clark spoke out and responded to all her haters – like Mulkey – in just about the classiest way imaginable.

“That’s not something I worry about,” Clark said. “I think I just worry about being in this moment, enjoying this moment.

“The people that I really care about, the people that I really love — they always have my back. … Those are the people that are really going to matter to me.”

Clark is having another fantastic season. She isn’t the best player in women’s college basketball. That honor belongs to someone else.

But she is definitely up there.

Still, everything will ultimately come down to whether or not she wins a National Championship.

Will Clark be able to right last season’s wrong? Time will tell.

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