Bucs Coach Bruce Arians Gets Honest About Tom Brady Beef

Bucs Coach Bruce Arians Gets Honest About Tom Brady Beef

Tom Brady’s decision to retire and unretire from the NFL this past offseason led to a lot of speculation regarding the rationale behind the moves.

One popular theory was that Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Bruce Arians, weren’t on the best of terms.

Given their past issues, this didn’t seem like a particularly far-fetched idea. Particularly given the frustration Brady had repeatedly expressed towards the coaching staff in general last year.

This week, Arians decided to confront this topic head on.

“I have no clue where it comes from,” Arians told Steve Wyche of the NFL Network regarding the alleged beef with Brady.

“Somebody’s got to write a story every day about something. Tom and I have a great relationship. Even during the retirement: ‘Where you at?’ ‘I’m in Italy.’ ‘How’s it going?’ ‘Got the kids over here.’ You know, just checking on him. I can’t get him back on the golf course because he’s traveling too much, so I can’t win enough money off of him.”

While Arians’ defensiveness on this topic is understandable, it’s hard not to be skeptical.

Generally speaking, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Besides, even Bucs GM Jason Licht seemed to recently hint that there was some truth to the rumors.

Mind, you Brady went on to win Super Bowls with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots despite the two hating each other in the end.

So with that in mind, this isn’t exactly an unusual dynamic.

Brady wouldn’t have seriously considered other options if he were that happy under Arians. Clearly there are some issues there.

Will those issues ultimately impede the Buccaneers’ ability to truly compete for a Super Bowl in 2022-23?

Time will tell.

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