Buccaneers Preparing To Trade Tom Brady To Dolphins?

Buccaneers Preparing To Trade Tom Brady To Dolphins?

Tom Brady’s decision to retire and unretire in the same offseason caught many off guard. Not so much him returning, but definitely him walking away in the first place.

The 44-year-old often insisted that he wanted to keep playing well into his 40s, so the abrupt shift understandably surprised folks.

A few weeks after Brady announced he was coming back, the real reason why everything happened emerged. His foiled Miami Dolphins plans, Brian Flores’ impact on the situation – everything.

All of which lends a bit of credibility to the rumors that came out this week of a looming trade centering around him between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dolphins.

“Would not be surprised if [Brady] didn’t play for [the Buccaneers next season,” insider Dale Arnold reported. “Try a little further South.”

Why is this notable? Because Arnold was the first guy to break Brady-to-Tampa two years ago.

After his initial report went mega-viral, Arnold went on WEEI radio and revealed that he has heard the parties are “working on it.”

Mind you, the Dolphins just signed Tyreek Hill to a massive $120 million deal. Is that so Tua Tagovailoa can have someone besides Jaylen Waddle to throw to? Maybe. But it certainly feels like they’re trying to build something.

Factor in Rob Gronkowski’s weird trepidation about returning to the Buccaneers, and you suddenly start seeing a pattern emerge.

And then there was also super agent Drew Rosenhaus’ recent comment about what was to come in this NFL offseason:

Brady is a fickle guy. Between his son’s weird gang signs controversy and his strange beef with Bucs coaches, it’s something of an open secret that his last weeks in Tampa Bay didn’t go well last year.

Will that result in him landing with Miami? It’s unclear.

But where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And there’s definitely smoke here.

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