Tom Brady Now Embroiled In Ugly Brian Flores Lawsuit Situation

Tom Brady Now Embroiled In Ugly Brian Flores Lawsuit Situation

Tom Brady retired from the NFL on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the well-wishes and good times were short-lived.

The very same afternoon Brady called it quits, he unfortunately became embroiled in what promises to be one of the NFL’s more ugly battles.

Brian Flores, a former New England Patriots assistant and ex-Miami Dolphins head coach, filed a lawsuit against the NFL, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos alleging racial mistreatment.

One of the more interesting subplots stemming from the lawsuit is the fact that, when Flores was with the Dolphins, the organization apparently wanted very much to recruit Brady to Miami.

There were just two problems.

One, it appears as though Flores wasn’t particularly interested in adding Brady to what was originally sold to him as a rebuilding project.

The other problem? Brady didn’t want to go to Miami if Flores was the head coach.


At this point, the real reason for Flores’ lawsuit has come out and is crystal clear. The only question now is where all parties involved go from here.

As for Brady, it will be interesting to see whether he will ultimately come out and comment on this ongoing situation. His last few weeks in the NFL were an absolute disaster, and if he suddenly finds himself embroiled in this mess for anything more than 24 hours – things could worsen considerably.

Stay tuned. Flores threw a wrench into what should have been a fairly quiet week in the NFL. And based on everything that has come out thus far, things will probably get worse before they get better.

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