Bruce Arians Gets Honest About Tom Brady’s Gisele Bundchen Divorce

Bruce Arians Gets Honest About Tom Brady’s Gisele Bundchen Divorce

Bruce Arians had a front row seat to Tom Brady’s divorce from Gisele Bundchen last year, and he knows better than anyone the impact it had on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady famously retired and then un-retired last summer, prompting a prolonged period of time where he and Bundchen seemed to be on increasingly bad terms. Eventually, both sides deemed the relationship beyond saving and went their separate ways.

In the process a ton of unfortunate stuff came out, including Brady’s alleged mistreatment of Bundchen and her reportedly being unhappy with him in the bedroom. It was ugly.

Almost immediately after the ink on the divorce dried, Bundchen was promptly seen out with a new man.

This past week Arians appeared on Rich Eisen’s radio show and get brutally honest about the toll that split had on Brady.

“Tom wasn’t himself, you know, with all the things that were going on,” Arians said.

“And I got to give him all the credit in the world for battling through what he went through last year for his teammates. I think the world of him, but it wasn’t the real Tom Brady out there.”

None of this should come as a surprise, of course. Brady was so down about his divorce that at one point his own teammates were mocking his woes.

In recent weeks both Brady and Bundchen have shown signs that they are looking forward to the next chapter in their lives.

Bundchen, specifically, posted videos of herself going wild and partying just a few days ago.

Reconciliation doesn’t appear to be the in cards.

Arians’ confirmation that Brady wasn’t right because of the Bundchen situation isn’t surprising, but it is good to know for sure that what everyone suspected was in fact true.

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