Browns’ Interest In Cam Newton Amid Deshaun Watson Drama

Browns’ Interest In Cam Newton Amid Deshaun Watson Drama

The Cleveland Browns are going to go an extended period of time without their newly-acquired star quarterback, Deshaun Watson.

At this point, it is a foregone conclusion that Watson is getting suspended. The only question now is for how long.

When the punishment does come down, Cleveland will need someone to step in and lead the offense. Over the past few days, many have wondered if that somebody could be Cam Newton.

This week, clarity on that topic emerged.

According to Cleveland Plain Dealer NFL insider Mary Cay Kabot, Newton to the Browns is a no-go.

“The Browns are not expected to be interested in Cam Newton,” she stated bluntly. Instead, the front office opted to sign former UCLA star Josh Rosen to a one-year deal.

Losing a slot to a passer as terrible as Rosen is just the latest in a long line of recent indignities Newton has been forced to endure.

At one point it seemed like Newton was a sure thing to sign with one of two NFL teams. But nothing ultimately materialized. And with Jimmy Garoppolo still out there to be had, it’s difficult to see a scenario where anyone comes knocking on his door any time soon.

These days, Newton makes far more headlines for his off-the-field exploits than his actual football skill. Between his odd explanation for why he refuses to marry the mother of his kids and rejecting Brittany Renner to her face, he has been in the news nonstop.

But again, not for anything actually related to football.

There have been some rumblings in recent weeks about him landing with America’s Team, however nothing has materialized on that front either.

For better or worse, it feels like the window on Newton’s playing career is shutting.

Will he get another shot to suit up for anyone at all? Time will tell.

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