Brittany Renner Opens Up About NBA, NFL Players She Slept With

Brittany Renner Opens Up About NBA, NFL Players She Slept With

Brittany Renner is best known for having a child with Charlotte Hornets big man P.J. Washington.

That said, she has also been romantically linked to the likes of NBA and NFL stars like James Harden, Jamal Murray, Ben Simmons and Colin Kaepernick.

What Kaepernick, in particular, allegedly made her do really caught a lot of folks off guard.

This past week, while appearing on The Pregame Show podcast, Renner got brutally honest about what sleeping with all those men really left her feeling like.

“I know what it’s like to be desired by men,” she said.

“I don’t know what it’s like to be valued by one. When people ask me, why hasn’t it worked out with anyone? Well, because I’ve never valued myself. I’ve been running from myself for a very long time. And I’m no longer drinking it away, eating it away, sleeping it away, f**king it away. I’m sitting with my s**t.”

Renner then went on to say that, when she thinks about the large list of men she has shared her body with, she finds it “repulsive.”

“People that I shared my body with, when I think about my list, it’s repulsive because they didn’t deserve it, but that was an outcome of me discounting my worth,” she said.

“And it’s disgusting. I hate even having that spiritual tie in any type of way, but yeah I would absolutely change sexually how I move around.”

Renner didn’t stop there, though.

“It doesn’t feel good knowing that you gave a sacred part of yourself to a man that looked at sex with you like taking a piss,” she continued.

“It’s not fulfilling, it’s disgusting to think about, and I feel like I’ve beat myself up every single day for my decisions. And what people say about me online holds no candle to what I’ve told myself on a daily basis. I’ve been called worse by better and that better being me.”

Renner has been through a lot of trials and tribulations over the past few years – financial and otherwise.

Through it all though she has really seemingly found her voice. Whether she is calling out NBA wives like Ayesha Curry and Savannah James, putting Cam Newton in his place or getting proven correct by Washington himself – Renner has been right more often than she has been wrong as of late.

At the end of the day, Renner is just 30 years old. She is finding herself as a person just like everyone else. Only she has the eyes of the world on her.

What other gems of wisdom will Renner ultimately drop on her fans in the foreseeable future? Time will tell.

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