Brittany Mahomes Upset About ‘Dirty’ Chargers Play (Video)

Brittany Mahomes Upset About ‘Dirty’ Chargers Play (Video)

The Kansas City Chiefs emerged with a 27-24 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night. Not everyone left the game happy, though.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes finished the outing with two touchdowns and 235 yards on 24-of-35 passing. Some may argue that he was actually saved from recording a couple of interceptions by the refs, but that is neither here nor there.

Patrick’s wife, Brittany, seemed overall pleased with her beau’s performance – but one particular sequence did leave a bad taste in her mouth.

The play involved a particularly nasty hit on Patrick from Joey Bosa late in the second quarter:

Brittany’s response largely spoke for itself:

Fans immediately agreed that it was dirty:

That said, not everyone was sympathetic. Some fans argued that Brittany was wrong and overreacted to Bosa’s play:

This isn’t the first time Brittany has gone viral online shortly after a Chiefs game. Following last week’s outing, her special pregnancy outfit set the internet ablaze. It legitimately stole the show.

Or at least it did, until Patrick’s baby brother Jackson swooped in and embarrassed the family again.

Opinions will differ on whether Brittany was right or wrong about Bosa’s hit on her husband being dirty. But you have to respect her love and dedication to Patrick.

Week in and week out, no matter the criticism she gets, she is always there being her unfiltered self.

What will Brittany ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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