Brittany Mahomes Parties On ‘Girls Night’ While Patrick’s In Vegas (Photos)

Brittany Mahomes Parties On ‘Girls Night’ While Patrick's In Vegas (Photos)

Brittany Mahomes had a ‘girls night’ with her friends this past week as her husband, Patrick Mahomes, partied it up with his teammates in Las Vegas.

Earlier in February the Kansas City Chiefs shocked the world and upset the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. It was a hard-fought win and the victors understandably commenced on a nonstop celebratory tour. Brittany, in particular, went especially wild.

Things appeared to quiet down a bit, but this past week they reignited once again.

First came the images of Patrick, Travis Kelce and some of the other players partying it up in Las Vegas.

Then Brittany joined the fray, showcasing her fun-looking ‘girls night’ with some pals.

Brittany Mahomes Parties On ‘Girls Night’ While Patrick's In Vegas (Photos) 1

If it feels like Brittany and Patrick have been in the headlines nonstop as of late, it’s because they have been. Between NFL fans questioning the changes in her face and critics wondering why he can’t keep his brother on a leash, it has been one thing after another.

This is just par for the course.

For better or worse, this most recent Super Bowl victory cemented Patrick and Brittany as the King and Queen of the NFL.

What will this dynamic duo ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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