Brittany Mahomes’ Bathing Suit Photos Cause A Stir

Brittany Mahomes’ Bathing Suit Photos Cause A Stir

Brittany Mahomes is the wife of Kansas City Chiefs superstar, Patrick Mahomes.

Given Patrick’s status as the best quarterback in the NFL today, Brittany is recognized as something of the league’s First Lady.

Over the years Brittany has amassed a major social media following. Some love her. Others hate her. But nobody can ignore her. As a result, pretty much anything she posts on social media goes viral. And this weekend was no exception.

In a series of photos that immediately caused a stir, Brittany showed off her new bathing suit like only she can.

Brittany Mahomes’ Bathing Suit Photos Cause A Stir 1 Brittany Mahomes’ Bathing Suit Photos Cause A Stir 2 Brittany Mahomes’ Bathing Suit Photos Cause A Stir 3

Patrick’s attempts to catch his wife at just the right angle proved two things. One, he about as “common man” as you can get – right down to having to get his partner in just the right poses for her social media pictures. Two, he loves Brittany dearly.

While Brittany may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Patrick has proven time and again that he cherishes her in a truly meaningful way. Between their intimate date nights together and wild partying, it’s clear that Patrick and Brittany have the sort of relationship more couples should strive for.

Yes, Brittany catches a lot of criticism. Very recently, a lot of fans took issue with her new look. But that’s their problem.

Clearly Patrick doesn’t care.

Big picture, the Chiefs are heading into next season looking to repeat as champs. It certainly won’t be easy, but it’s hard to bet against Patrick and Co. given what they were able to accomplish in 2022-23.

Yes, theoretically the Denver Broncos should be a little better with the addition of Sean Payton. Sure, Justin Herbert will probably continue to improve. And yeah, the Las Vegas Raiders probably can’t get any worse this year than they were last.

But at the end of the day, the AFC West still belongs to Kansas City.

And so long as Patrick gets into the playoffs, he always has a chance to win the whole thing.

Will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl in 2023-24? Time will tell, but either way, Brittany will be there cheering her beau on every step of the way.

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