Brian Windhorst Names Potential Frontrunner For Kyrie Irving Trade

Brian Windhorst Names Potential Frontrunner For Kyrie Irving Trade

Kyrie Irving turned the NBA on its head this week when he demanded a trade from the Brooklyn Nets ahead of Feb. 9’s deadline.

Immediately, four teams emerged as the likeliest suitors for Irving’s services.

On Saturday, ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski noted that a new team had jumped into the mix.

“The LA Clippers have joined the pursuit of Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving,” he wrote.

Shortly thereafter, Brian Windhorst came on air and made the case for why the Clippers should probably actually be regarded as a legitimate frontrunner for Irving’s services.

“The LA Clippers have been the team that has been leading the pursuit of point guards in this trade deadline market,” he said.

“I think that the Clippers would be skeptical of going for Kyrie Irving and upsetting the balance that they have. Having said that, the Clippers have assets that the Nets actually might want. They have players under contract, under control that if you traded, that might actually get the Nets more interested than an expiring Russell Westbrook contract.

“Because I don’t think that the Lakers can honestly give those [future first-round picks] for Kyrie Irving if he’s a possible rental. And that’s really the issue here is, do you value him as a rental or do you value him as a player you have to try and pay?”

Windhorst’s point is a fair one. The Lakers’ best possible trade offer is a known fact, but they have already made it clear that two players are off the table in any perspective deal. And that’s in addition to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Could the Clippers swoop in and steal Irving from right under the Lakers’ nose? Maybe.

One way or another, a clear signal on what’s going to happen to Irving should come down ahead of Feb. 9.

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