Boston Celtics Preparing To Make Big NBA Trade?

Boston Celtics Preparing To Make Big NBA Trade?

The Boston Celtics are 23-22 on the year and sit 10th in the Eastern Conference.

There was an expectation that they might actually have a strong bounce back campaign under new coach Ime Udoka this season, but obviously that hasn’t materialized.

To make things worse, Boston isn’t just losing. This group is straight up routinely embarrassing itself. The support cast hates the starsThe stars hate the supporting cast. Franchise icons are calling out this current version of the Celtics for humiliating a proud legacy. It’s a mess.

Fortunately, a change appears to be on the horizon.

According to ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics are reportedly gearing up to make a big move.

“It’s to build around Jaylen Brown-Jayson Tatum, not to break those two up,” Wojnarowski said.

“The hard part for Boston is what are the other tradeable assets that they’re willing to move on from? They don’t want to trade Robert Williams, their young center. That’s a player that they really see at the center of what they’re doing moving forward.”

So who will they move then? Marcus Smart seems to be a likely candidate.

“But I think Marcus Smart, some of the young players on the roster, second- and third-year guards/forwards, I think they’re seeing what the value for those players out there,” Wojnarowski continued.

“Josh Richardson, but I’m not sure. Dennis Schroder — that’s a player I think if they can keep building up his value. … I think those are all players available on the marketplace.”

The Celtics desperately need to make a move – ASAP.

There is still time to right this dysfunctional ship, but not that much time.

Will Boston ultimately be able to make a big move, get it together, and make a late-season run at the Eastern Conference crown? Time will tell.

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