Boston Celtics’ Plan For Blake Griffin Going Forward

Boston Celtics’ Plan For Blake Griffin Going Forward

Blake Griffin joined the Boston Celtics last season in hopes of finally winning that ever-elusive NBA championship.

Unfortunately, the Miami heat ended up upsetting Griffin and Co. in the playoffs and they didn’t even make the NBA Finals this time around.

Griffin, for his part, averaged 4.1 points and 3.8 rebounds in 13.9 minutes of action per game. His shooting improved significantly from the steep dropoff it experienced on year earlier, too. He went from shooting 42.5 percent from the field and 26.2 percent from three in 2022 to 48.5 percent from the field and 34.8 percent from three in 2023.

So what does the future hold for Griffin?

According to Celtics insider Brian Robb, the answer to that question is unclear.

“It’s been eerily quiet on the Blake Griffin front since the season ended,” Robb noted.

“Brad Stevens made no mention of him in any of his press conferences and that could be a signal the team is moving on.”

The Celtics aren’t necessarily ruling another season with Griffin out, it would appear – they’re just not rushing to commit to anything.

“For now, the Celtics may want the roster flexibility to consider other additions knowing that Griffin is available as a backup plan for another true big,” Robb continued.

“The team probably isn’t ready to commit guaranteed money to him though until other alternatives are ruled out.”

Griffin made a lot of headlines last season – just not for basketball reasons. First there was the matter of Lana Rhodes’ baby. Then the talk of his immaturity from his former teammates.

At one point last year, as many as three teams were interested in Griffin’s services as a role player.

How much anyone wants him now is unclear.

Where will Griffin ultimately be playing come the beginning of the 2023-24 NBA season? Will it be for the Celtics? Time will tell.

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