Winnie Harlow’s Intimate Birthday Message For Kyle Kuzma (Video)

Winnie Harlow’s Intimate Birthday Message For Kyle Kuzma (Video)

Winnie Harlow and Kyle Kuzma have quietly become one of the biggest couples in all of sports and entertainment over the past few years.

Between Kuzma’s stints with the Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards, he has emerged as a massive fan favorite. This offseason he was rewarded with a four-year contract that will see him get paid more than $100 million. By all accounts, $90 million of that is guaranteed.

Harlow, meanwhile, is one of the biggest and most prominent models in the game today. Between her social media presence and new products, few in the industry have as much exciting stuff going on as her.

Together, Kuzma and Harlow are a hoops power couple rivaled by only maybe one other duo.

This week, with Kuzma having just turned 28, Harlow sent him in a very intimate public message commemorating the occasion.

“Happy Birthday Sweet Boy,” she wrote.

“My best friend [and] lover all wrapped up in one. What a blessing. Never been more proud to think of my future than when I think about it with you. Can’t forget to thank God for giving me you.”

Kuzma immediately responded to the post.

“Love you too,” he replied.

Between their intimate photos together, Harlow’s outfit choices to Kuzma’s games and their provocative vacation pictures, this duo has little trouble landing in the headlines.

They are just that level of celebrity at this point. Anything they do becomes a big deal.

With the NBA offseason in full swing, Kuzma and Harlow have free reign to do whatever they want. Month and months of rest and relaxation lay ahead.

When the new season starts approaching, though – it will be interesting to see what sort of aggressiveness Kuzma ultimately applies now that he got his big money deal.

Will that same hunger be there? Time will tell.

Either way, win or lose with the Wizards next season, Harlow will have Kuzma’s back throughout the 2023-24 NBA season no matter what.

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