2 Roadblocks Slowing Down Jaylen Brown’s Celtics Supermax Deal

2 Roadblocks Slowing Down Jaylen Brown’s Celtics Supermax Deal

Jaylen Brown will soon earn the distinction of receiving the richest contract in NBA history.

As things presently stand, the 26-year-old has positioned himself for a supermax deal from the Boston Celtics that will pay him upwards of $300 million.

In the contract’s final season alone Brown would be due $70 million. For context, next year’s highest paid player is LeBron James. He will only make $53.4 million. Stephen Curry is the second highest player next year. He will make $52 million.

Brown would surpass a lot of guys with far more impressive accomplishments on their resumes.

That being said, a deal that many anticipated would be done by now hasn’t materialized yet. What is taking the Celtics and Brown so long? According to NBA insider Brian Robb, two issues need to be sorted out: trade kicker possibilities and a fifth year player option.

“Despite (president of basketball operations Brad) Stevens’ optimism, the absence of a supermax deal nearly three weeks into free agency is a little bit noteworthy given the factors in play for both sides,” Robb wrote.

“There are issues to work out per sources (trade kicker possibilities, player option for a fifth year, etc.) that come as no surprise at this point. However, it will be interesting to see just what side gives in on their preferred terms for a deal.”

A few weeks back, ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski broke down what Brown’s new deal will look like. There is a lot of complexity involved – and that’s before you even get to the part where there are many questions about how Brown and Jayson Tatum fit on the Celtics together.

There’s a reason two teams are constantly being mentioned as threats to steal Brown from Boston.

At the moment, all signs point to Brown and the Celtics getting a deal done.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure it happens.

But the fact that it hasn’t yet certainly leaves the door open for something to go awry.

Will Brown ultimately sign the richest contract in NBA history with the Celtics at some point in the next few weeks? Time will tell.

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