Adrian Wojnarowski Explains Jaylen Brown’s New Celtics Deal

Adrian Wojnarowski Explains Jaylen Brown’s New Celtics Deal

Jaylen Brown is expected to sign a new supermax deal with the Boston Celtics at some point during this offseason.

Many thought it would have already happened, but for various reasons, it hasn’t yet.

A little clarity on why emerged in recent days.

This week ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski appeared on the network and explained the current status of Brown’s new Celtics deal.

“It’s going to take more time Jaylen Brown and his agent, they’ve been talking with Brad Stevens and the Celtics,” Wojnarowski said.

“Brown is leaving the country on players association business for a period of time and they’re expected to re-engage again when he gets back.

“This is a deal that would be the richest contract in NBA history, worth up to $304 million. So these sides around going to continue to talk and they have a lot of runway this summer to get to a deal.”

For context, under the proposed terms, Brown’s new deal would see him earn $70 million in the final season. LeBron James, who is set to be the league’s highest-paid player next year, will only earn $53.3 million.

Hovering in the background of all this is the fact that many believe Brown would be better suited elsewhere. He and Jayson Tatum are obviously a good enough tandem to consistently sit atop the East, but there is a reason they haven’t won a title together.

They aren’t as natural a fit as you’d like your two superstars to be.

There are two teams very interested in prying Brown away from the Celtics, but the only way that happens is if something goes catastrophically wrong in Boston during contract negotiations.

Most likely, Brown will remain with the Celtics long-term.

And a new deal will likely come sooner rather than later.

What will the final terms of Brown’s new deal look like? Time will tell, but Wojnarowski will likely be the first to have them either way.

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