Patrick Beverley Reveals Blake Griffin’s Immaturity (Video)

Patrick Beverley Reveals Blake Griffin’s Immaturity (Video)

In the mid-2010s the Los Angeles Clippers were one the NBA’s most intriguing teams.

Between Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan they seemed to have all the pieces necessary for contention in the Western Conference.

Unfortunately, for a myriad of factors, that squad couldn’t never quite put together. And when it became clear that a title was out of their reach, ownership traded Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets in a trade that sent Patrick Beverley to L.A.

During a recent session on his podcast, Beverley was asked about how things went between him and Griffin when he first joined the Clippers.

“That’s an interesting question,” Beverley said recently.

“Chris Paul was gone, Blake Griffin just signed a massive deal. We in training camp first day, big ass argument (between) Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers. ‘Not having that sh** this year Doc.’ So from day one, I’m like damn okay.

“Coming down the court, throw that bish to Blake, couldn’t get it to him at the angle that he wanted. He (said) ‘Give me the f*cking ball.’ I’m a pro, We get into the locker room and I’m like ‘Hey man, you ain’t got to talk to me like that… L.A. is a very different city to be big time in.”


Much like Beverley, Griffin is something of a polarizing talent. There is a reason why fans troll Griffin with Lana Rhodes signs at games. And there is a reason why he has such a negative relationship with so many of the fanbases that he once played for.

Griffin is definitely an acquired taste.

When you take that and mix it with Beverley’s combustible personality, you get a recipe for disaster.

Luckily Beverley and Griffin didn’t have to spend too much time together.

Not long after the Paul trade, Griffin was exiled to the Detroit Pistons and nobody has really heard all that much from him ever since.

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