Blazers Star Deandre Ayton Exposed By Ex-Girlfriend Katt Leya

Blazers Star Deandre Ayton Exposed By Ex-Girlfriend Katt Leya

Portland Trail Blazers star Deandre Ayton has been having a rough year.

Not only has he regressed statistically since being shipped away by the Phoenix Suns, but it appears as though his personal life is in a bit of disarray as well.

This week, Ayton’s ex-girlfriend Katt Leya took to social media to address some online speculation.

Specifically, she delved into the real story of her breakup with Ayton.

“So Im guessing this was all fake,” she said.

“Of course I end up looking like the fool the slut the bad guy. Im closing this chapter with you a coward. Why drag me along if you had other intentions, why involve my family the most sacred thing I have in my life….

“Take care of yourself before you go lying telling people you left me no I left you. I was reading the signs, left PDX and you proved to me that I was right all along.”

In a busy NBA week that has seen Vanessa Bryant’s photos with Rob Pelinka go viral, a provocatively-dressed fan courtside distracting players and a gambling controversy erupt, Ayton’s drama likely won’t steal the show.

That said, it is still pretty embarrassing.

Obviously Ayton took his fair share of Ls back when he was in Phoenix and neither his teammates nor coaches seemed to like him.

But the hope was that he would start anew in Portland make a name for himself in the league as a big man to respect.

So far, that hasn’t happened.

With his personal life in tatters, will Ayton be able to pump fresh life into his career as a member of the Blazers going forward? Time will tell.

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