Bill Simmons Reveals Where Bronny James Is Going To College

Bill Simmons Reveals Where Bronny James Is Going To College

Bill Simmons revealed where Bronny James is going to college during his podcast last week.

Over the past few months the topic of what school Bronny would ultimately commit to has been the hottest debate in all of high school recruiting.

What started as nine prominent universities vying for the services of LeBron James’ eldest son was whittled down to two schools recently.

And now, according to Simmons, two has become one.

Others who listened to the podcast seemed to agree.

The buzz surrounding Bronny’s future has reached a fever pitch. Between his NBA player comparisons revealing the sort of college star he is expected to be and the nonstop chatter about what he will be able to do at the next level, he is unquestionably the biggest name in high school sports right now.

Simmons, for his part, has never shied away from talking about Bronny. He has offered a pretty blunt critique of the youngster in the past, and he seems to be reasonably plugged in regarding what the future will hold for him.

Will Simmons ultimately be right about Bronny going to USC? Time will tell.

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