Bethany College Accused Of Poisoning Rivals, Still Losing By 31

Bethany College Accused Of Poisoning Rivals, Still Losing By 31

Bethany College’s baseball team made the news this week, but under rather unfortunate circumstances.

In one of the more bizarre stories to hit collegiate athletics in recent months, Bethany College is being accused of purposely contaminating a water cooler used by Kansas Wesleyan University during a weekend series.


In a statement to the Associated Press, athletic director Laura Moreno acknowledged that an investigation was pending but refrained from offering any specifics on what has been uncovered thus far.

Kansas Wesleyan University’s AD, Steve Wilson, told the AP that “a KWU player or staff member discovered a foreign substance had been mixed into the team’s water during a doubleheader Sunday.”

It is not uncommon for the home team to provide refreshments for their opponents under circumstances like this. Poisoning the opposition, however, would be slightly outside of the norm.

Despite the serious infraction that is being alleged here, Kansas Wesleyan was apparently undeterred. Their baseball team still beat Bethany College 33-2.

Again – yikes.

What a year for college sports this has been. Between star quarterbacks getting busted having foot fetishes, coaches getting caught with their assistants, and cheerleaders serving as eye candy for overzealous ESPN cameramen – it has been one thing after another.

This feels like par for the course.

What will the investigation into this weird situation ultimately uncover?

Time will tell.

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