Ayesha Curry Shows Off Breast Implants (Photo)

Ayesha Curry Shows Off Breast Implants (Photo)

Stephen Curry is having an incredible season this year. He is on pace to have arguably the best showing of his career, and in the process, he may end up leading an extremely depleted Golden State Warriors team into the playoffs.

That being said, Stephen isn’t the only member of his family having a notable 2021.

This week, his wife Ayesha went viral with some provocative imagery.

That imagery?

Her breast implants.

Or more specifically, her old breast implants.

She made the big reveal on Ellen’s daytime show.

“These are my old implants,” she said.

“And I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to have like a going-away party for them because they weren’t good to me, they didn’t work for me, they work for some people, but they’ve got to go. And I don’t ever want to see them again.”

The whole Curry family has always been very open about, well, everything. Steph and Ayesha famously posed for some very provocative photos, so clearly they’re not shy.

And Ayesha memorably posed nude.

How will the public ultimately respond to Ayesha’s blunt honesty? If Ellen’s audience was any indication – pretty positively.

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