Astros Fan’s Interview With Reporter Goes Viral (Video)

Astros Fan’s Interview With Reporter Goes Viral (Video)

The Houston Astros won the World Series on Saturday night, and the entire city turned out to celebrate.

It had been a rough couple of years to be an Astros fan up to this point.

Between the team getting busted for cheating, the details of how deep the scheming went and the subsequent fallout – the entire organization and everyone associated with it has been wearing a scarlet letter of sorts.

On Saturday, amid the celebrations, an enterprising reporter stopped fans on the street and asked them a very important question about the cheating rumors that will always follow their franchise around.

Eloquent. Succinct. Self-explanatory.

With social media being what it is nowadays, reactions to this particular interaction blew up immediately:

Love them or hate them, the Astros did what they needed to do this season. Nobody can erase what happened in the past, but you have to respect the organization’s ability to bounce back in this fashion.

Plus, it’s great to see Dusty Baker get that elusive managerial championship.

This year’s World Series was a fun ride. Kate Upton telling off a Philadelphia Phillies fan was memorable. As was her provocative outfit choice for games.

And to top it off — Nick Castellanos get his just desserts after the way he opted to taunt the Astros was next-level hilarious.

To the winners go the spoils – and Houston won big in 2022.

Will the champs be able to repeat in 2023?

Time will tell.

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