Jose Altuve Responds To Astros Buzzer Cheating Accusation

Jose Altuve Responds To Astros Buzzer Cheating Accusation

Jose Altuve Responds To Astros Buzzer Cheating Accusation

Jose Altuve responded to Astros buzzer cheating accusations on Thursday.

In the aftermath of Houston being linked to an elaborate rule-breaking scandal, a new report emerged this week.

The report suggested that Altuve and other players on the team were using electric devices under their uniforms to tip them off regarding what pitches were coming.

Shortly after those reports went viral, the six-time All-Star decided to respond through his agent Scott Boras.

“I have never worn an electronic device in my performance as a major league player,” he said in response to the allegations.

The charges made against him stem from a now-viral video that shows him acting oddly during the 2017 season in which his team won the World Series. In the clip, he seems to be instructing his teammates not to rip off his shirt in celebration.

For what is worth, the league has come out and said that it investigated Astros players possibly wearing something that would help them cheat, but ultimately found no evidence of this.

Of course, given everything else Houston has been implicated in, it is understandable why nobody would be rushing to give the organization or any of its players the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. This reminds me of the steroid scandal that rocked baseball. How many of you remember the plethora of players who denied using steroids only to later admit to it or tested positive. Jose Altuve can deny that he never used an electronic device but other team mates can be seen with an electronic devices on their person. Altuve is a cheater. I’ve lost all respect for him and the entire Houston Astro organization. I’m a devout LA Dodger fan but I don’t think Houston should be stripped of the title. Why? Well the Dodgers hit just a little better than .200 that is why we lost the series. I think that baseball needs to use an MLB official in the instant replay booth. Or better yet have the MLB itself run the instant replay booth.

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