Andre Iguodala Gets Honest About Stephen Curry’s Kevin Durant Sacrifice

Andre Iguodala Gets Honest About Stephen Curry’s Kevin Durant Sacrifice

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant formed one of the most impressive duos in NBA history. Their success rivaled that of any combination of players that ever came before or after them.

Not only did the pair win two championships together, but they also made it to three Finals. Along the way — they dominated the league from start to finish.

One question that constantly raged during their time together was whether Curry was playing second-fiddle to Durant or vice versa.

During a recent conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Andre Iguodala broke down in great detail how he believes Curry sacrificed for Durant when they were playing together.

“I think Steph took a back seat every year,” he said.

“I’m talking about stats-wise, numbers-wise, attempts-wise. … Steph was the one that sacrificed the most. How many more threes would he have if KD didn’t come along?”

That is something that Iguodala feels like doesn’t get discussed enough.

“No one talks about he never complained. Never had an issue,” the former NBA Finals MVP continued.

“Never talked about his brand. His brand possibly could have took a hit. He wasn’t quite selling as many shoes. He just kept it all in stride because he just knew the bigger picture, man. When you win, everything else is going to come how it’s supposed to come.”

As evidenced by his first move when the Warriors won their most recent title, nobody loves Curry more than Iguodala does.

He knows him better than most.

So if Iguodala is saying this, you know it’s true.

Durant and Curry were a truly special combination, and a big reason why they were so successful is because Curry was willing to do whatever it took to make that partnership work.

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