Allen Iverson’s Brutally Honest Take On Lakers’ LeBron James

Allen Iverson’s Brutally Honest Take On Lakers’ LeBron James

Allen Iverson is one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Despite his small stature, the Philadelphia 76ers legend was able to lead his teams beyond what was generally expected of them.

Nobody thought his Sixers would be able to make the NBA Finals, but that is precisely what they did under Iverson’s watch.

Because of his unique influence on the game of basketball and culture surrounding it, few are as well-equipped as Iverson to comment on the greatness of modern day players.

Recently, Iverson offered his brutally honest assessment of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

“He got his critics like everyone else, he don’t give a f***ing sh*t,” Iverson said.

“Man LeBron James is the motherf***er your kids wanna be like. I’m talking about off the court. That’s how awesome he is. He did it so good and he do it so good. He is the motherf***er that people teach about, this is how you are supposed to be on the court.

“F*ck that on the court sh*t. That motherf***er is excellent, dawg. He’s an excellent motherf***er and he’s got an excellent family and an excellent cast behind him. That motherf***er is awesome man. His son, we’ll talk about him for the next 20 years. How you like that one? And we will pick him up.”

It’s hard to dispute Iverson’s assessment.

Whether he is choosing the true GOAT between James and Michael Jordan, offering a straight-forward take on the five best NBA players of all time or revealing his biggest career regret, the Sixers legend tends to keep it pretty real.

So if he is saying this about James, you know he means it.

Will Iverson’s kind words and effusive praise of James change his critics’ impression of him? Time will tell.

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