Allen Iverson Reveals His Biggest NBA Career Regret

Allen Iverson Reveals His Biggest NBA Career Regret

Allen Iverson is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. What he was able to do, with his stature, is other-worldly.

Stephen Curry wouldn’t have the game that he has if not for Iverson. The latter walked so that former could run.

There is a reason Kawhi Leonard recently cited Iverson as his favorite player of all time.

While Iverson undeniably has a career that many envy, it is still not without regrets.

During a recent interview, the Philadelphia 76ers legend divulged a pretty big one: his initial refusal to get on the same page with head coach Larry Brown.

“I love him to death, man,” Iverson said. “I don’t have too many regrets in my life, on and off the court. I feel like a mistake is only a mistake unless you make it twice. You learn from a lot of s*** that go on in your life.

“I just felt if I had a slight regret to anything that has anything to do with my career, I wouldn’t have been playing tug of war with [him] early in my career. I didn’t know any better. I was trying to mature as a player and as a man.

“He wanted everything that I wanted for myself and for our team, and I didn’t take constructive criticism the way that I was supposed to, and that’s definitely a lesson to be learned for any young dudes out there that have a great coach like I had.”

Iverson opening up like this could be great for younger NBA players.

Sometimes it’s hard to see what your head coach wants from you when there is such a massive age gap between you and him.

But generally speaking, everyone’s goals in the NBA are aligned.

Will Iverson revealing his big regret alter some players’ perceptions of their head coaches? An answer to that question will emerge in the coming years.

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