Allen Iverson Names Greatest Ballhandler In NBA History

Allen Iverson Names Greatest Ballhandler In NBA History

Allen Iverson is regarded by many NBA fans as one of the most influential players of all time.

While he was unable to win a championship, Iverson did things within the sport and larger cultural zeitgeist that few can truly understand.

On the court, one of the things that Iverson was most known for was his insane handles.

This past week Iverson appeared on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast and revealed who in his estimation is the best ballhandler in NBA history.

“[Kyrie Irving] is the best,” Iverson said.

“Steph [Curry] handle is crazy. Steph, his jumper gets you over. He [crosses] half-court and can let it go. [Kyrie] has the best handles ever. Kyrie will have you beat and then bring it back and play with it, he toys with people. He can still just go, but if he feels like playing with you.”

For what it is worth, Irving said something similar a while back.

“I would say that I am the king of handles right now,” Irving said.

“For the time being until somebody’s better than me and does some even some spectacular stuff, more exciting stuff, but you’re looking at him. I feel like I have the best handles and also the best creativity out there.”

Iverson’s analysis of the NBA is always unique. Whether he is naming his five top players of all time, his biggest career regret or the 4-word greeting Michael Jordan used to have him for him, he always keeps it very real.

That is what makes his insights so valuable.

Over the years, Iverson has ramped up the amount of hoops knowledge he dishes out. As a result, he has gotten better and better at it.

It will be interesting to see what other insights Iverson ultimately drops in his interviews over the next few months.

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