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Alabama Is Officially Done, Says CBS

Alabama Is Officially Done, Says CBS

Alabama Is Officially Done, Says CBS

Alabama is officially done, says CBS.

Although Nick Saban’s program has consistently been one of the top college football teams in the nation, some believe their reign at the top is over.

According to Rick Neuheisel of CBS Sports, Alabama cannot win with Mac Jones in place of Tua Tagovaioloa.

“Alabama’s run, I think, is officially over,” Neuheisel said, via Jimmy Hyams of WNML Sports Radio.

“I think Alabama is all but cooked [without Tagovailoa]. I think they’re out.”

In Neuheisel’s opinion, the Crimson Tide don’t pass the “eye test” with Jones as their passer.

Is he right about Alabama being finished?

Well, we’ll find out for sure over the next few weeks.

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