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LSU Is In Big Trouble, Says ESPN

LSU Is In Big Trouble, Says ESPN

LSU Is In Big Trouble, Says ESPN

LSU is in big trouble, says ESPN.

LSU is currently the number one team in the nation, but according to ESPN, it won’t be like that for long.

Despite a strong showing against Alabama two weeks ago, the worldwide leader in sports has continuously poked at the Tigers ever since that victory.

Although on paper LSU has objectively won multiple more impressive games than Ohio State, Clemson and so forth – all either ESPN or Fox Sports can talk about is how they are in for some trouble in the near future.

This week, ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum insisted that this would be LSU’s final week as the No. 1 team in the country.

“This will be LSU’s last week as No. 1,” he said on ESPN’s Get Up.

“Next week, if Ohio State beats Penn State, LSU goes down. Marcus (Spears), can you do something for the LSU defense?

“They got gashed the other night vs. Ole Miss and that is a troublesome sign moving forward.”

Will LSU ultimately drop despite all their big wins? According to ESPN, the answer is a resounding yes.

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  1. As a Ohio State fan I am very uncomfortable with the assumption that OSU is already in the BIG 10 championship. Penn St. will come to Ohio State with their best, and Michigan is being totally overlooked by the media. Everyone makes a big deal out of Georgia but they only beat Norte Dame by 6, and lost to a 2 win South Carolina team, while Michigan beat Norte Dame by 31 and lost at Penn State at College Station by 7 after being down by 21 in the first half, and A loss to Wisconsin on the road. Both of those losses are not as bad as Georgia’s one loss at home, and their whipping of ND was dominate. If Ohio State wins both Penn State and Michigan then they are without question deserving of rating of 1. If they loose to P non state they won’t even play for the big 10 championship, so everyone needs to play this one game at a time.

  2. Jim same people judge teams just by their record like a lot of people say the bengals are trash and now they might get colin kaepernick or even better cam newton

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