Al Horford’s Sister Anna’s Wild Video Message Causes A Stir

Al Horford's Sister Anna’s Wild Video Message Causes A Stir

Al Horford’s sister, Anna, is no stranger to landing in the headlines.

Whereas her brother finds himself in the news cycle for being the Boston Celtics’ “OG” veteran and locker room leader, Anna often trends for her strong takes on social media.

Last week proved to be no exception.

Anna’s post largely speaks for itself.

Essentially, in Anna’s opinion, she believes that she has been unfairly targeted by fans due to her proximity to her own brother.

Based on her post, it seems like she is wondering why Nikola Jokic’s brothers don’t catch similar flak.

It’s hard to argue with her general point, given that the Jokic brothers seemed to try to bully an elderly man during the playoffs this year. Nobody seemed to care.

NBA fans had mixed reactions to both Anna’s core message and the timing of it.

This obviously isn’t the first time Anna has gone viral in this fashion. Between her wild photos and various interactions with people online, she is a mainstay in the news cycle.

For better or worse, it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon.

Will Anna and her online haters ultimately be able to find some common ground at some point and move past their issues?

Time will tell, but at the moment all signs point to the answer being “no.”

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