Al Horford’s Sister Anna Mocks Philadelphia 76ers

Al Horford's Sister Anna Mocks Philadelphia 76ers

Al Horford’s sister Anna is one of the most vocal siblings in the NBA today.

She recently made headlines when she publicly offered her thoughts on newly-acquired Dallas Mavericks star, Kyrie Irving.

Before that, she went viral for calling out Los Angeles Lakers fans.

As it turns out, Anna isn’t a huge fan of the Philadelphia 76ers either. This past week, she mocked the team after Boston defeated them despite being shorthanded.

The dynamic involved here is an interesting one because Al had something of a disastrous stint with the Sixers where he undeformed massively. Philly originally got him because he consistently wrecked Joel Embiid in the playoffs while on the Celtics, but he simply couldn’t replicate the magic.

Eventually Al got traded, before ultimately finding his way back to Boston, but the beef between his clan and Philly remains.

Reactions to Anna’s Sixers tweet were largely what one would expect.

The Celtics are arguably the best team in the league right now.

Barring something crazy happening, they will likely represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

Who will they face off against the title out of the West? Time will tell.

Either way, it’s a safe bet Anna will inevitably have something to say about the topic.

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