Al Harrington On How He Got Allen Iverson To Smoke Weed Again

Al Harrington On How He Got Allen Iverson To Smoke Weed Again

Allen Iverson is an NBA legend for a number of reasons.

On the court, he revolutionized how smaller players could influence the game of basketball.

Off it, he constantly pushed the limits of what was culturally acceptable – no matter how much backlash it earned him.

How did he handle the stress of doing so much at such a young age? Apparently, he was a big weed smoker.

As he got older, however, he slowly let the habit die out – until former NBA player Al Harrington came along.

During a recent appearance on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast, Harrington revealed how he got Iverson to start smoking weed again.

“One thing about Allen [Iverson] is that he used to smoke back in the day and then he stopped,” Harrington said.” “I was telling him like ‘bro if we do this, you’re gonna have to smoke. He said to me ‘If you make weed tastes like Dom Perignon, I’ll smoke it.’ so that’s what we took and I ran with it…

“I was serious about it and what we did was we were able to find the genetic you know with a company that we’re working with that is a great stomp across with secret cushmits that literally when you first light it up it tastes like you’re sipping champagne.”

As a result, Iverson and Harrington teamed up to create Iverson’s very own weed strain: “Iverson 96.”

Obviously Iverson’s past financial issues are a matter of public record. But if Iverson 96 ultimately ends up taking off, the $30 million trust fund he’s set to receive in 2030 will suddenly become much less important.

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