Aaron Rodgers, Mallory Edens’ Intimate Encounter At Party Causes A Stir

Aaron Rodgers, Mallory Edens’ Intimate Encounter At Party Causes A Stir

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens have been romantically linked for several months.

Although the pair has been careful not to address their relationship publicly, fans have been able to piece things together based on their various appearances and behavior.

Earlier this month Edens celebrated her 27th birthday. Apparently the Milwaukee Bucks heiress’ party was attended by none other than Rodgers.

That is where things get spicy.

According to DeuxMoi, the pair got intimate at the party.

Aaron Rodgers, Mallory Edens’ Intimate Encounter At Party Causes A Stir 1

That said, it appears the happy couple is trying to keep things casual.

“The QB was trying to hide at Mallory’s birthday,” DeuxMoi continued.

“He is STILL telling friends that it’s super casual and that he’s single. He has his eyes on someone’s else. She’s more into his alternative lifestyle and similar interests. She happens to be on the East Coast.”

It’s impossible to know whether this report is 100 percent accurate or not, but either way, Rodgers and Edens have been in the headlines nonstop over the last few months.

Between their intimate encounter at an NBA game, her wild vacation photos and his ex Shailene Woodley’s reaction to them shacking up, Rodgers and Edens have become a permanent fixture in the news cycle.

Does Edens generate the amount of buzz as other NFL partners like Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany? Obviously not. The latter’s wild outfit to a draft party nearly melted the internet this week. But she also isn’t far behind either.

Big picture, relationship drama aside, it will be interesting to see how Rodgers fares in New York.

The Jets expended a lot of trade capital to acquire him, and anything short of legitimate Super Bowl contention will be a huge failure.

Will Rodgers be able to lead the Jets to the promise land? Time will tell, but either way, Edens will definitely be supporting him all year next season.

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