Aaron Rodgers Gets Brutally Honest About Packers, Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers Gets Brutally Honest About Packers, Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers Gets Brutally Honest About Packers, Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers is not one to bite his tongue. When he thinks something, he often times says it or expresses it in some capacity. And that is precisely what he has been doing all offseason thus far with the Green Bay Packers and their decision to draft Jordan Love a few months back.

The Packers selected Love out of Utah State with their first round selection. The move was telling. Many expected that pick to be used on someone who could provide some level of offensive support for Rodgers. Instead, it was used to pick his replacement.

This week, Rodgers posted a photograph to Instagram that showed he bears no ill will towards Love for  what has transpired.


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Rodgers understands that much in the same way he was ultimately brought in by the Packers to replace a legend in Brett Favre, the same is happening to him. This is the natural order of things.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped him from expressing his true feelings on the matter.

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Aaron Rodgers Was Surprised By The Jordan Love Pick

Rodgers may be warming up to the prospect of mentoring Love now, but initially he was as taken aback by the selection as anyone.

In an interview conducted shortly after Green Bay made its move, Rodgers acknowledged that he needed to fix himself a pretty hefty drink to cope with what had transpired.

“I was like, ‘Oh, wow, OK,’” he said.

“I love scotch, but I’ve been drinking some sipping tequila lately as well. And once I got that text [that Love was the pick], I went to the pantry, I poured myself about four fingers [of tequila] and I knew it was going to be one of those nights where people start calling.”

Along the same lines, Rodgers understood what the pick meant. The Packers’ main focus was no longer finding him support to win a Super Bowl. It was planning long-term to maximize what he had left in the tank, but also strategize for what happens when he is no longer capable of leading the offense.

Pressed on whether he viewed Love as his eventual successor, Rodgers remained honest in his assessment of the situation.

“That’s probably what happens, based on the circumstances around everything,” he said.

“Just look at the facts: They traded up. They drafted him. I would say they like him. They want to play him.”

Although a lot has been made of Love ultimately replacing Rodgers, there is still a lot that needs to happen in order for that to become a reality.

The fact remains, Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He is not yet on a downward slope as far as production goes. Moreover, his team was one win away from making it to the Super Bowl in 2019. And that is to say nothing of the fact that Love is an unproven prospect at this stage.

One way or another, Rodgers will continue to thrive in the NFL for many years to come. Whether or not it will be while wearing a Packers jersey remains to be seen.

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