Bruce Arians On How Tom Brady Is Different Than Jameis Winston

Bruce Arians On How Tom Brady Is Different Than Jameis Winston

Bruce Arians On How Tom Brady Is Different Than Jameis Winston

Bruce Arians opened up this week on how Tom Brady is different than Jameis Winston.

Although people who have spent the last few years watching both quarterbacks can probably write a book of differences between the two, Arians cited one specific distinction.

“He talks. You listen,” he said.

“I mean, you gotta be an idiot not to listen to the guy. And he’s such a great guy in the locker room, especially with young players, helping them and coaching them on and off the field. So yeah, it’s changed a lot of things.”

The credentials that Brady brings to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers speak for themselves. He is a six-time Super Bowl champion and in many people’s eyes the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

Popular sentiment is that him, coupled with a very talented Bucs offense, is a recipe for success. And sometimes that sort of confidence is all it takes for a developing team to take the necessary step to the next level.

Culture is key to winning a Super Bowl. In Arians’ estimation, Brady ups the culture within his locker room just with his mere presence.

“I think Tom’s brought that up a notch, and we’re working smarter,” the head coach said earlier this week.

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Bruce Arians Loves Tom Brady

It goes without saying that Arians is over the moon about his organization landing Brady.

The 67-year-old made it clear at the end of last season that he wasn’t Winston’s biggest fan, so he likely would have been happy with any sort of upgrade. Getting arguably the quarterback GOAT just proved to be icing on the cake.

Last season, Winston showcased why Arians found him so maddening. He led the NFL in passing yards and completions, while simultaneously also leading the league in picks and total turnovers. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also set a record for the most interceptions-returned-for-touchdowns in a single season.

Brady is obviously no longer at the top of his game physically, but at least he brings a mental awareness to the offense that you simply could not get from Winston.

Winston could still turn things around and became a great quarterback under Sean Payton’s tutelage with the New Orleans Saints, but he was going nowhere fast under Arians.

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Bruce Arians Also Giddy About Rob Gronkowski

Replacing Winston with Brady wasn’t the only thing that put a big smile on Arians’ face this offseason. The addition of Rob Gronkowski was huge, too.

When he is healthy, Gronkowski is arguably the best tight end in the league. The big question with him has always been his injuries.

This week, the future Hall of Famer opened up about his health and what he feels like going into the new season.

“I’m feeling good out there,” Gronkowski said.

“My body feels good — that’s why I came back to the game, and that’s how I want to be moving. I want to be moving like how I was back in the day, no doubt about that.

“Why … would I want to come back to the game and be moving like poop? I’m here to move; I’m here to make plays; I’m here to block in the run game; I’m here to make plays in the pass game.”

Arians seemed to echo that sentiment.

“He doesn’t have a gigantic elbow brace on,” the head coach observed.

“He’s moving. He’s running fast again. He’s got great body control. Some of the things — the stiffness that I saw at the end of his career with all the injuries — it looks like it’s gone.”

On paper, the Buccaneers look very formidable. So long as everything on the field comes together as well as it has off it, this team could make a lot of noise in 2020.

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