Aaron Rodgers And Girlfriend Mallory Edens Share Wild Concert Photos

Aaron Rodgers And Girlfriend Mallory Edens Share Wild Concert Photos

Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend, Mallory Edens, caused something of a stir this week when they shared their wild Ed Sheeran concert photos.

Over the past few months, the most talked about unconfirmed couple in sports has been this pair.

Given that Rodgers, 39, is the quarterback of the New York Jets, and in light of 27-year-old Edens’ status as a Milwaukee Bucks heiress, them coming together was something of a big deal.

They have tried to play it coy regarding their relationship up to this point, but certain intimate photos and their behavior at parties have kind of given their status away anyway.

It was more of the same this week.

Rodgers and Edens posted two independent Instagram Stories from the concert. It didn’t take much effort to piece two and two together.

Aaron Rodgers And Girlfriend Mallory Edens Share Wild Concert Photos 1

Between the wild vacation photos and quirky body pictures Rodgers and Edens have been permanent fixtures in the headlines as of late.

Even Rodgers’ ex, Shailene Woodley, has been forced to weigh in on the couple.

How their relationship develops from here remains to be seen, though.

Rodgers was traded by the Green Bay Packers to New York this past offseason. Expectations for him guiding the Jets to the top of the AFC East are sky-high now.

On paper, Rodgers has a pretty strong group to work with. Which probably explains why he has been so giddy over the past few weeks.

But it’s worth remembering that he is playing in one of the league’s more competitive divisions now. Rodgers doesn’t get to watch the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions stumble and bumble over their own feet on a weekly basis anymore.

The Buffalo Bills are still a Super Bowl contender, and the Miami Dolphins are a healthy Tua Tagovailoa away from being a playoff team.

Plus, while the New England Patriots aren’t exactly stacked with talent, they do still have Bill Belichick.

All of which is to say – Rodgers’ path to the playoffs may be a lot harder than he thinks it is.

Will Edens ultimately be there in New York for Week 1 of the NFL season to watch Rodgers attempt to lead the Jets to respectability? Time will tell.

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