49ers Trading Raheem Mostert To Packers, Jets, Steelers Or Seahawks?

49ers Trading Raheem Mostert To Packers, Jets, Steelers Or Seahawks?

49ers Trading Raheem Mostert To Packers, Jets, Steelers Or Seahawks?

San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert demanded a trade on Wednesday. The move came as a direct result of what were described as “unproductive” conversations between his representation and the organization.

Mostert recorded 772 yards on 5.6 yards per carry last season. In the postseason, he amassed 336 yards and five scores over the course of three outings.

The Niners ultimately made the Super Bowl thanks to Mostert’s production, but fell to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Although Mostert still has two years remaining on his deal, he feels as though his involvement in the offense warrants more than that. According to his agent, Brett Tessler, his $8.7 million contract was based on his special teams play – not the role he is currently in.

The big question now becomes: will San Francisco oblige the trade request. And the follow-up question is: if so, where will  Mostert go?

Although they’re a bit low on assets, the Green Bay Packers would make a lot of sense. The team did very little to surround Aaron Rodgers with offensive support in the NFL Draft this past offseason. Acquiring Mostert would go some ways in remedying that.

If not Green Bay, the New York Jets could also be a smart trade partner. Le’Veon Bell has been an utter disappointment since arriving in the Big Apple – and head coach Adam Gase despises him. The team will need additional running game support sooner rather than later.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks would also make a lot of sense. Seattle, in particular, was so strapped for running back sat the end of last year that they had to beg Marshawn Lynch to come out of retirement.

A final decision on where Mostert will land should come in the next few weeks.

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