3 NFL Teams Russell Wilson Will Waive No-Trade Clause For

3 NFL Teams Russell Wilson Will Waive No-Trade Clause For

Russell Wilson’s growing dissatisfaction with the Seattle Seahawks was a popular storyline heading into the 2021-22 NFL season.

The 33-year-old spent all summer expressing his frustration, right up until the point that his own teammates got fed up with it.

There was some optimism that perhaps the Seahawks could silence the negativity with a strong showing this season, but that hasn’t been the case. The team has struggled mightily 12 games in, currently finding themselves 4-8 and at the bottom of the NFC West.

In the last few days, rumors have intensified regarding an inevitable break-up between Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll.

One issue that complicates the aforementioned break-up a little bit is Wilson’s no-trade clause. Seattle cannot just ship him off to whoever offers the franchise the best deal. There needs to be buy-in from all parties involved.

According to a recent report from ESPN’s Jordan Schultz, there are currently three squads that Wilson would be willing to waive his clause for.

The Giants, Broncos and Saints all have obvious needs at quarterback.

Daniel Jones has been rough on the field for the entirety of his career, and at a certain point he also became a headache off it. New York has tried to make him a thing, but clearly he lacks the skills to properly lead an NFL franchise.

Denver, similarly, needs a solution at quarterback. After getting off to a hot start the team regressed badly amid injuries and never regained that momentum. The Broncos refused to trade for Aaron Rodgers this summer for an absolutely bonkers reason, and their rationale for passing on Justin Fields in the draft wasn’t much better. Acquiring Wilson would make up for a lot of old mistakes.

Finally, don’t sleep on the Saints. Even when healthy Jameis Winston isn’t leading anyone to a Super Bowl, and Taysom Hill’s teammates don’t respect him at all. Wilson would provide head coach Sean Payton with his first properly functioning quarterback since not-old Drew Brees.

One way or another, it appears Wilson is not long for Seattle. Where will he ultimately end up? Time will tell.

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