3 Frontrunners Emerge As Boston Celtics Buyout Candidates

3 Frontrunners Emerge As Boston Celtics Buyout Candidates

The Boston Celtics made their biggest transactions of the season not at the NBA Trade Deadline, but before the year even began.

Thanks to the additions of Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis, Boston sits at 41-12 after 53 games – good for first place in the Eastern Conference.

In addition, the team has made a ton of headlines for off-the-court stuff like a cheerleader’s wild photos leaking out, Jaylen Brown’s extremely old girlfriend, and Jayson Tatum’s love life.

As good as the Celtics are, though – there is always room for improvement.

Because of that, the team is expected to be active on the buyout market.

As things stand, three players appear to be the frontrunners for Boston right now.

The first is Danilo Gallinari. Although the 35-year-old has had to deal with some injuries as of late, when healthy, he is one of the NBA’s most dynamic offensive role players.

Now obviously it is impossible to ignore his injury history. Tearing the same ACL twice isn’t ideal.

But that is where the Celtics may be able to offer Gallinari something other teams cannot: less total playing time, but more impactful playing time. Maybe he won’t get the minutes with them that he would get elsewhere, but few other teams will provide him with the same opportunity to win a championship.

If not Gallinari, Thaddeus Young would make a lot of sense for Boston as well. While he doesn’t provide a ton in the way of shooting, he would definitely give the Celtics another strong defensive presence whose high-IQ decision-making would fit well alongside the other players currently on the roster.

Finally, don’t sleep on Victor Oladipo. Although he can’t currently help the Celtics as he is recovering from his knee injury, this could be more of a long-term play that could help Boston down the line.

Once upon a time, Oladipo was a max-level player.

Who knows, maybe one day he can reclaim that glory.

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