22nd Lawsuit Exposes Deshaun Watson’s Alleged Odd Sexual Requests

22nd Lawsuit Exposes Deshaun Watson’s Alleged Odd Sexual Requests

Just when it seems like the Deshaun Watson story can’t get any worse, it does.

On Monday, a 22nd sexual assault case was filed against the Houston Texans quarterback.

According to the case documents, the woman filing it is a licensed esthetician. She maintains that, much like Watson’s other accusers, she connected with him via Instagram. She further suggests that during the session he inappropriately touched both himself and her.

The details of this particular allegation are among the most horrific yet of any suit filed.

It gets really explicit.

“Watson told Plaintiff he did not want to use sheets, and then inquired as to whether Plaintiff had towels,” the court documents note.

“Plaintiff explained she had large towels and medium size hand towels. Curiously, Watson informed her the towels she had were unacceptable, and indicated that he would bring his own towel. Upon his arrival, Plaintiff left Deshaun Watson alone so he could change. When Plaintiff returned Watson was completely naked, laying face down on her massage table with only a wash cloth covering his butt.”

From there, things reportedly went from bad to worse.

“Because of the strange behavior, Plaintiff became uncomfortable, as her thumbs were rubbing immediately adjacent to Watson’s anus, and he continued to ask for her to go deeper,” the documents continue.

“At some point, Plaintiff told Defendant Watson she did not feel comfortable, and refused to go any closer to his anus. Plaintiff instead asked Defendant Watson to flip over After Watson flipped over onto his back, Plaintiff again started working on his lower legs and worked her way up.

“When she arrived at his inner thigh, Watson asked for her to apply more pressure. With her applying more pressure the position of her hands would have her rubbing against his scrotum and penis. Plaintiff again did not feel comfortable, and she expressed this to Defendant Watson and told him she was going to move on to his lower abs.

“In response he grabbed Plaintiff’s butt and attempted to start flirting. Watson’s penis was erect at this point and was completely exposed. Watson moved his penis onto Plaintiff’s hand in an attempt to get her to touch it. Plaintiff asked incredulously what was he thinking and he replied ‘you can sit on it.’”

This entire situation has been a whirlwind.

On one hand, there are several known contradictions and very shady practices that undermine some of the case against Watson.

On the other, there is at least one extremely credible accuser – plus deeply unsettling text messages and direct messages that have leaked out.

This matter isn’t going away. One way or another, it’s going to play out in both a real courtroom and the court of public opinion.

What will ultimately happen once that occurs remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely that Watson’s career will ever be the same again.

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