2 Steelers Players Fight Each Other One Sidelines (Video)

2 Steelers Players Fight Each Other One Sidelines (Video)

The Pittsburgh Steelers looked absolutely unstoppable in the first half of the season.

Ever since they lost their first game of the year to the Washington Football Team, however, the wheels have completely come off the car.

It’s worth remembering: Colin Cowherd predicted this collapse before anyone else did.

Heading into Sunday’s showdown against the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh had lost three of its last four games.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, midway through the Browns game, two Steelers lineman randomly started fighting each other on the sidelines.

What led up to Carlos Davis and Isaiah Buggs throwing hands? It is unclear. But the fact that tensions are so high that head coach Mike Tomlin had to step in is telling.

The Steelers are an absolute mess.

Is there still time for all parties involved to right the ship? Of course. However, this definitely isn’t the note Steelers fans wanted to see their squad end the regular season on.

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